Saturday, October 11, 2008

oppening up

Well...hmm..first post. I'm new to this, I'm just trying to practice sports reporting and blogging seems to be the way to go these days.

Well, basketball obviously is my sport. But being 5'9 and 145 you got to be realistic. And in the realm of real life im not playing basketball for money. I do however, want to spend my life being a part of the game. And this seems like the right direction. So...lets get it rolling.

18 days untill the NBA season tips off. everyone starts off with the same record. everyones a contender. but unfortunently some teams will be hampered with right from the get go.

The Golden state warriors have suspended their star Monta Ellis 30 games for violating the player contract. he severely injured his ankle in a mo-ped accident in august, after which he lied to the team saying it was in a pick-up game. he later came clean on the situation. little did he know he know was that it was going to cost him about 3 million since he will not be paid for his time off. he was going to be out a few months anyways due to the injury, now he just wont be getting paid until he returns to the court. ... 2295.story new yorkers overly confident?

it doesnt matter if bosh shot all jump shots. he gets 20 and 7 in 25 minutes due to lee's defense.
he's pretty much saying - we lost to the raptors and their best player didnt even have to work hard

speaking of canada. after its all said and done, steve nash would love to finish his career off in toronto.

trade for sammy dalembert and get jamal magloire off the cheetos and the raptors would become the Canadians, NBA style.